Bike Rides For Ordinary People

After over twenty years of organizing and leading Bike Tours, I have decided that it is time to move on to different endeavors. Thanks to everyone who has been such a big part of our cycling community. It’s been a blast! If you want to relive some of our adventures, take a look at our YouTube channel.

If you or anyone you know would like to take over Bike Rides For Ordinary People, please contact me and we can talk about it.

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Look At All We Did Together

Community Bike Rides

It all started in 1998 when we started organizing short bike rides on quit streets. Our stated mission was to get people beyond the bike path. At the time, the Minuteman Bike Path was about the only long bike path and on road accommodation for cyclists were almost nonexistent. Look at how much has changed.

On these rides, we always rode at the pace of the group, so no one was ever left behind. Do this let to rides that were very social and many friend were made that way.

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European Cycling Adventures

In 2003, we organized our first tour in Europe. It started in the quint city of Beaune in Bourgogne, France. It was a blast and there was not turning back. The food, the wine, and the scenery were exquisite. Over the years we returned to Bourgogne several times.

  • In France, we had rides in Borgogne, Alsace, Loire, Dordogne, the Pyrenees, Normandy and Bordeaux.
  • In Italy, we rode in Tuscany, Piedmont and on a very special tour, rode from Venice to Porec, Croatia on the Istrian Peninsula.
  • In Germany, we rode along the Moselle River
  • We even rode from Paris to London!

When I started the European tours, I never imagined that I would get to see so much of the world with such wonderful people.

State Bike Tours

In 1999, Massachuettts’ Statewide Bicycle Advocacy group MASSBIKE ran a week long state bike tour. It only lasted a couple of years and I was saddened that it only lasted a couple years. In 2006, I decided that I wanted to revive it. I gathered a group of bike advocates and enthusiasts on a cold November evening we talked it through, and I decided to go through with it. And so was born first year if The Mass BikePike Tour. It was a 4 day the ran until 2014 when I decided it was time to take the tour to the next step and go national with Cycle Massachusetts; The Friendliest Ride In the East. This very successful tour ran through 2019 after many of my former volunteers took it over. It was the first time the I was actually able to be a participant. WOW. Unfortunately, Covid ended the tour for good.
So many people deserve so much credit for making both events work so well. I am forever indebted to them. They all worked hard, gave so much and were friendly to all.

Bicycle Travel Weekend

A few years back, our friends at Adventure Travel came up with the idea of having a Bike Travel Weekend and Bike Your Park Day. What a great idea. We ran a few of both. We could have done them anytime, but it was nice to be part of a larger movement.
Our Bike Travel Weekends were local, and we stayed in state and private campgrounds. One year, we spent the weekend in a campground on Martha’s Vineyard. It was so much fun and a great opportunity to try out bike touring

We also participated in Bike Your Park Day; find a local state park to ride to in a leisurely fashion.

Bike Travel Weekend occurs on the first weekend in June. 
Bike Your Park Day is the last Saturday in September. 

It's Not Difficult to Arrange Your Own European Tour With A Little Help From Our Friends

Detours In France

In the realm of wheels, a journey unfolds, Bicycle dreams, in tales yet untold.
Europe’s lanes whisper secrets untamed,
Pedals spinning, destinies unclaimed.

Through cobblestone streets and hills so high, A tapestry woven, under the sky.
Touring the landscapes, old and new,
Bike wheels turning, bidding adieu.

Stateside trails, a canvas of dreams,
United we ride, where the river gleams.
Community echoes, wheels in harmony,
Moving forward, embracing unity.

In the rhythm of spokes, a symphony plays, Past chapters linger, as sunsets ablaze.
New endeavors beckon, on roads unknown,
Bicycle tales in winds of change are sown.